The Goal

When Snap-on challenged us to help them bring the Long Nose Slip Joint Pliers to market, they highlighted the one-of-a-kind design combination of a long, tapered nose and a three-position joint that, together, would make the new tool an absolute “must have” for any automotive technician.

No job too big, no space too small

The only pliers capable of providing extreme gripping strength and versatility in jaw spread — for complete control in tight spaces with limited gripping-surface space? That sounded good to us. The only challenge was figuring out how to drill down to something that could communicate a jam-packed point like that quickly and clearly, in a way that would resonate with the market (ideally while screaming for attention).

Bugging out, big time

In our case, we had to look no further than the natural world. Focusing on the essence of the new tool’s features (reach, gripping strength, pulling power), we quickly found that an obvious parallel presented itself in the form of … the Horned Dung Beetle.

Nothing creepy (or crawly) about it

Drawing comparisons to the diminutive insect led to an approach involving museum-like specimen cases featuring bugs that were pinned and labeled, with copy cleverly pointing out what in the world a dung beetle could possibly have to do with a new category-leading hand tool.

Getting a serious grip

The communications illustrated the unique design of the product in an unexpected and visually compelling way, employing point-of-sale materials (danglers, van signs, etc.) plus print advertising and engaging tote-and-promote sales support that was portable and easy to use — a key component of any launch in a mobile sales environment where the key driver of success is being the highlight of every customer’s day.