This Is It, Part 2

To set yourself free, sometimes you have to break down a few walls.

To set yourself free, sometimes you have to break down a few walls. Add in a bunch of windows for natural light and you can’t help but see things more clearly — and face every new day with a tangible sense of determination, hope and pride.

As we set out to build our new space, it was essential to stay local. Fortunately for us, Walker’s Point is home to Scathain, a collective of craftsmen who ply their trade on a world-class level and embody everything we look for in a partner.

We believe in creating masterpieces, going beyond functional to generate momentum for our clients. Scathain believes in crafting metal, wood and mirror meticulously, merging Old World techniques with a decidedly Midwestern work ethic. They don’t cut corners, and neither do we. Needless to say, the collaboration was a no-brainer. 

It turns out our partners at Scathain like a good reclamation project as much as we do. They handcrafted more than 80 pieces of furniture and custom mirror art, incorporating everything from reclaimed wood to pieces that originated from the Pabst Brewing project to yield a space that fosters creativity, encourages collaboration and provides more than enough inspiration to create great work for our clients every day.

As you enter our front lobby and rest your eyes on the handmade logo that sits just beyond the reception desk, you’ll see more than just our name. You’ll see you’ve come to the right place to generate serious momentum — handcrafted right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — to help your business keep driving forward.

This Is It: Part 1

For Traction Factory to evolve, a trip to the past was necessary.