The Goal

From the turn signal to the piston, there’s quite a lot that can go wrong with an automobile. While some issues are easy to diagnose, others require special tools to identify and fix. Enter the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite, an imaging device from Snap-on Diagnostics that assists in finding faults through infrared technology. To educate technicians on a tool as specialized as the DTI Elite, a simple product brochure wasn’t going to cut it. So we took them on an interactive tour of the device, allowing them to envision what it’s like to have one in the shop.

A Digital Demo

Rather than just tee-up excitement and interest among customers, we wanted the microsite to function as a detailed product demo. From specific use-case descriptions to actual device menus and screenshots, the walkthrough provided technicians with everything they needed to know — piquing their interest to request an in-hand experience delivered by their local franchisee.