The Goal

The launch of any startup is a frantic, thrilling race to bring your brand forth into the world. For VIKTOS, an apparel and lifestyle company creating their own category of gear for active-duty/veteran military, law enforcement, private security, tactical and high-intensity fitness enthusiasts, it was important to stand out and make the right impression. And make an impression we did with a full-featured ecommerce site and Facebook/Instagram ad campaign to make a Q4 launch that kicked expectations to the curb.

Easy-to-use Ecommerce

Built on Shopify, the VIKTOS website was designed and developed to reflect the premium quality of their apparel and gear — and get out of the way when it came to showing it off. From a full front-end build-out to back-end product and content management, VIKTOS.com launched with a look rivaling brands that were years its senior.

Social Ads to Drive Sales

An awesome new website isn’t worth much if no one knows about it. That’s why we deployed an extensive Facebook and Instagram ad strategy as part of the brand’s launch. Despite launching during the competitive holiday shopping season, we were able to help VIKTOS cut through the noise, grow a passionate fan base, and earn a 2.16 to 1 return on their media investment in their first three months of business. And after the launch? We leveraged strategic audience targeting and active ad management to grow the social ad ROI to 5.01 to 1. Not bad for a brand new company in its first year.

Always on Duty

Since launch, we’ve continued to be VIKTOS’ partner for web development, ecommerce management, digital and social advertising and strategic planning, including creation of trade and customer experiences.