The Goal

For technicians who see (and repair) a wide variety of makes, models and vehicles every day, the mobility that a cordless tool provides is priceless — but they need one that can handle even the toughest jobs under rugged conditions, and they need it to hold up over time. Enter the CT9080 18 V Cordless Impact Wrench, for which we were tasked with creating some excitement in the sales channel — and with end customers who can’t afford to compromise.

Leading the way from a position of strength

Boasting a category-leading power-to-weight ratio, the CT9080 features a precisely machined impact mechanism and full-framed motor design that ensure protection of the tool’s most critical operating components to deliver durability, sustained torque and reliable performance for years to come. Against a competitive field that tends to lean heavily on product features, we chose to create compelling conceptual communications geared toward the tool’s unflinching personality and unbeatable strength.

Taking the rhino by the horns

The communications we developed — from print advertisements to point-of-sale pieces, social media, collateral and other tactics — helped define the tool as strong and unstoppably resilient. The launch was met with great enthusiasm, leading to a response by the sales channel and automotive technicians alike that was a powerful success story right out of the gate.