Traction Factory president breaks down the standout ads from Super Bowl LVIII.

Lucky for all who tuned in, this year’s big game was well worth the time and attention paid to it — it even almost overshadowed the fact that Taylor Swift was able to make it back from Tokyo in time to attend.

With brands spending as much as an estimated $650 million on advertising during this year’s broadcast, we were all treated to not just another MVP performance from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and not just another Super Bowl letdown for Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers, but notable (commercial) appearances by Lionel Messi, Jennifer Aniston, Christopher Walken, Beyoncé and countless others along the way.

As in years past, the Milwaukee Business Journal asked Traction Factory President Scott Bucher and several other Milwaukee marketing experts to share their thoughts on the real winners and losers of this year’s game.

Some spots managed to rise above the rest — Kia, DoorDash, Popeye’s, Dove. See the only final score that really matters at the link below.

As always, some of this year’s ads were better than others. Some brands scored touchdowns and others just didn’t seem to have the right talent on the field. Sincere thanks to the Milwaukee Business Journal for letting us be a part of their postgame show.